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We display meaningful objects and photos on the walls and shelves of our homes. You can show the same respect for your child’s learning materials. Rather than being tossed in a drawer or toy box, they can each have their own place on low shelves where your child can see them and have easy access. Displaying learning materials attractively this way shows that they are special, important items, deserving of everyone’s respect. Materials like Chasing Cheerios, Family Go Simple, Chasing Cheerios and Sew Liberated.


Children react to materials differently when they are displayed this way. Each material clearly stands out as a unique attraction, which stimulates curiosity and helps children focus their attention right from the start as they get the material off the shelf. Returning it to the same spot completes a cycle of activity that teaches children to finish what they start. The other important feature of a good home early learning environment is a small table and chair.


 Peaceful Parenting
Peaceful Parenting




Kidcraft Aspen Table & Chair Set
Table & Chair Set


When your child uses her materials, always have her follow through and reorganize and return each one to its place on the shelf. This will take reminders, and that’s okay. Check your child’s shelves regularly and make sure the materials look organized and ready for use. Involve your child in straightening up his shelves. This does not take long, and communicates to your child a sense of beauty order, and responsibility for her own things.


If you really get into it, you can organize your child’s entire room to make everything child-sized and accessible.


“It is almost possible to say that there is a mathematical relationship between the beauty of his surroundings and the activity of the child; he will make discoveries rather more voluntarily in a gracious setting than in an ugly one.”


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