How to Master the Leptin Lifestyle


Stabilizing leptin resistance in the body is a difficult task as leptin itself is the master stabilizer in our body. It is much like the tempo, beats and rhythm of a song, the process how leptin orchestrates the functions in our body. Exemplifying, leptin adjusts the hormone levels to make the brain command the body to go to sleep, stay awake, work, be active, stay still or take rest.  


For sleeping, leptin releases the melatonin, which tells the body that it is time to go to bed or take rest. This is understood through the sensors of fatigue, exhaustion and low energy in the body.  


Releases Growth hormone to synchronize the bodily actions to rest in order to provide time to repair, revitalize and rejuvenate the body;


Releases Sex hormone in order to signal the body to vent out, relax, release or rest;


Thyroxin: the thyroid hormone to orchestrate the secretions of all the other glands to wake the body up, all refreshed;


Adrenal gland: this starts to secrete the right hormone in the morning so that the revitalized and rejuvenated body switches the light onto the brightest level. The body slows the functions down  of the body if there is too much delay;


Support healthy pregnancy: for women who are pregnant, healthy rate of leptin resistance concludes that leptin content in the blood is high as well as provides the energy sufficient to nurse and nurture the body.  At this phase, the necessary growth required for the placenta is also determined by the leptin content in blood. The baby’s nervous system growth is also facilitated by the leptin in blood.


Energy: high leptin content can also trigger the activity and metabolism rate of the body to be high, in order to result in hyperactivity. The energy, tone and temper during the day for the body is maintained and catalyzed by the energy, which is provided by leptin in the blood.


Coordination and Synchronization: another supreme working of the body, coordination and synchronization for the bodily functions are commanded by the rate of leptin resistance, which was present in the body.  The hormonal balance and growth of the body is determined by healthy levels of leptin in the body.


Some ways to master the above is through keeping the measure of certain lamented as listed below, periodically. They are,


Stress: this brings in an extra pressure of duties and responsibilities on the self; this also brings in the extra bout of energy to spend on, during the day through metal and physical exhaustion. Weight-loss and gain, problems are accentuated by the leptin resistance in the body. However stressful stress is, one should take the upper hand to control all of this, gradually. To bring the metabolism back, one must conduct enough improvisations and changes to correct the present mode of life and living. Stress influences leptin to many drastic changes.   


Sleep adequate: another important requirement is the check on your regular sleeping hours. An adult is prescribed to sleep for 6-8 hours daily to have adequate health as well. With enough sleep and rest, comes the healthy rate of leptin resistance in the body as well. When insomnia becomes the routine weight-gain and loss becomes erratic and uncontrolled. The core time of metabolism and fat processing happens during your sleeping hours. IF this is interfered or disrupted with, the biological clock of the body becomes confused and follows extreme assumed routines. If weight-loss is your primary aim, sleep at least 8 hours per day.


Average exercise: another important part of the leptin routine and resistance is maintaining the regular fat and energy burning session of exercise.  The consistent deprivation of exercise makes the body susceptible to laziness and chaos in burning enough energy and carbohydrates daily in adequate forms. Getting rid of that nasty lazy bone is easy if you start with proper time devoted to exercise without fail.


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